Monday, December 15, 2008

kingdoms R us log 1

The kingdoms I researched did not have a lot of differences. A typical Kingdom was a group of homes, usually near the Nile River. There were Pyramids also near the Kingdoms. This sounds like neighborhoods today, don't you think? The houses were mud that was dried in the sun and looked like stone when done. Some houses were two floors and some weren't . Yep, definately like our homes today. Well, the except the material we have for the houses.
The houses had fire inside for cooking, they had decorations on the wall of God's
and life made from paint. I love to build fires in our fireplaces. But, somehow, I do not think the Egyptian people built fires then watched movies. Do you? Also, imagine your home today only having God on the wall. That is in homes today, but I can't imagine my room with my hockey decorations or Crosby door cover.
The houses were not comfortable as we would think. The beds were wood slats with a head rest of straw.. Richer people had larger size homes and better beds with furniture. The houses had flat roofs to stand on to get off the hot sand and some had windows. I could not have made it sleeping on a hard surfaced bed. Well, actually, I quess I would'nt have a choice.
The women did wash at the river, and the people would use the Nile for their gardens, houses and living. I can imagine my mom having to wash our clothes at the river. She hates how much laundry we have with a washer/dryer just downstairs! The people had gardens of tree's of all kinds. They had them in boxes. I quess one thing the Egyptians did not have to worry about that we do was yard work. But, I would not trade their lifes for mine today!
Egyptian people lived with little and had to use dirt, sand, mud to make their buildings. They would use and type covers to color the houses. The people ate vegetation of all kinds.

The kingdoms were what we think of today as a town. They were homes, pyramids, farms all in an area. If you think about it community was just that even then. Somethings don't change. I think my project shows a little of each style of home, the land around the homes and the pyramids of the time. I am glad I have my home today as they had very little furniture, comfort as we know it. here are a few examples of Egyptian houses. ( comics included)

the hard to read comic says "right! that's the roof done. now to build the rest of the house."

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